Smallbore Rifle Silhouette

These matches are shot with .22 caliber rimfire rifles from the standing position. Small steel targets are placed at: CHICKENS-40 METERS, PIGS-60 METERS, TURKEYS-77 METERS, AND SHEEP-100 METERS. The targets are set on stands in banks of 5 animals. Each shooter is allowed 2 ½ minutes to fire 5 shots at a bank of 5 animals. The target has to be knocked off the stand to be counted as a hit. A match usually consists of 10 shots at each animal for a total


STANDARD RIFLE - This rifle can be a factory or custom .22 rimfire match rifle with any scope. Rifle and scope cannot weigh more than 10 lbs. 2 ounces.

HUNTING RIFLE - This rifle must be a factory hunting style rifle in .22 rimfire caliber with any scope. The rifle and scope cannot weigh more than 8 lbs. 8 ounces. Trigger pull must be at least 2 lbs.

These matches are held in a very friendly and helpful atmosphere. If you like to shoot, please come out and try it. If you don’t have a rifle and would like to try it anyway, we would be glad to lend you one.

A forecast day time high of under 40 degrees will constitute cancellation of a match.

For more information contact David Bonner 1-303-981-5652 or

Matches are usually held the 4th Sunday of the month.

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